Tesla Bot can now move slowly and pick up objects

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event 17.05.2023.
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Tesla’s humanoid robots are all walking together, have chassis installed, and can complete new mundane tasks, as seen in the latest video.

Tesla has released new footage of its Tesla Bots, showcasing a prototype that appears ready for production. In contrast to their initial reveal, these robots now walk forward without stumbling and demonstrate the ability to pick up items and identify objects.

CEO Elon Musk presented the video during a recent shareholder meeting, mentioning that the team had assembled it just the night before.

The humanoid Tesla Bot was first unveiled at Tesla’s AI Day event last year. On that occasion, only a deconstructed version of the robot was shown, which could barely walk, let alone perform any tasks. A potential production model called Optimus was supported by a stand and could only wave at the crowd. The latest video shows Optimus-like robots capable of autonomous movement – albeit at a slow pace.

The video emphasizes several enhancements made to the Tesla Bot project, including motor torque control, environment exploration and memorization, artificial intelligence (AI) training based on human movements, and object manipulation. One Tesla Bot is seen picking up objects from one container and placing them in another, illustrating how the AI is trained using human demonstrations.

After a period of seven months, it appears that Tesla’s bot is progressing towards becoming a marketable product, surpassing its initial stages as a person in a costume. Presumably, Tesla will commence production of the Tesla Bot after delivering its highly anticipated Cybertrucks.


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