5G training

In collaboration with 5G WorldPro, we bring you four variants of online training

How is your company preparing for the future of communications? Do you fear the impact of innovation on market competitiveness or are you willing to embrace the accelerated pace of change? Want to teach yourself and your employees more about 5G technology?

Choose one of the trainings offered, according to your needs:


Aimed at the specific needs of each individual organization. The trainings are fully customized to particular client requirements or business specifics.


Aimed at technical staff, management, sales and marketing industries, public and local sectors, the education system, as well as EU projects and students.


Aimed at engineers, managers, technical consultants, administrators, and experts in the fields of telecommunications, ICT and related industries.


Aimed at the business community: CTOs, CEOs, upper and middle management, marketing and sales experts in the ICT industry.

Interested in one of the trainings?

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    Fill out the application and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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