Google wants to help developers create experiences like Maps’ new “immersive” view

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event 10.02.2023.
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Developers can now take advantage of the technology that underlies Google’s new immersive view in Google Maps.

Google has officially released a new Google Cloud tool called “Immersive Stream for XR” in an effort to make it simpler for others to create potent mixed reality experiences. In order to access a mixed reality experience, you can use the tool to scan a QR code or click a link. According to a blog post, Google Cloud GPUs (graphic processing units) will then host, render, and stream those experiences to your device in the background.

Google claims it’s already using the technology for its new immersive view in Google Maps, which lets you examine a 3D model of certain cities overlaid with details like traffic and nearby restaurants. But the company is also highlighting additional applications for Immersive Stream for XR, such as installing virtual furniture in augmented reality or viewing virtual cars while shopping.

On Thursday, Google announced that Immersive Stream for XR, which was first introduced at Google I/O 2022, now supports content made in Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine is quickly gaining popularity among game developers, but it’s used for many other applications as well, and the addition of support for UE5 could be helpful for those developers who want to take advantage of Immersive Stream for XR.

Since it is now known that Google Labs Vice President Clay Bavor will be leaving the company in March, Google’s larger mixed reality aspirations are somewhat in doubt. Google won’t be replacing Bavor; instead, his responsibilities will be divided up among other corporate executives.


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