Young DotYourSpot team wants to revolutionize hospitality using 5G

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event 21.02.2022.
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An enthusiastic 14-person team from Split gathered at DotYourSpot will soon launch an application they believe will upgrade the Croatian hospitality industry, both for owners and guests.

They are developing a solution that will optimize the reservation system in restaurants and clubs while simultaneously ensuring greater efficiency of orders and business in the hospitality industry. The app called DotYourSpot is expected to hit the market early next year, and by then the team has already launched several innovative products recognized on the local and regional scene.

We spoke with the company’s founder Zlatko Kovačić, who not only explained how the application will work but also announced that they are developing a software that should integrate all services and products into the hospitality management system. He did not reveal much about the final product because it’s still the development phase, but he points out that the basis for its realization is the 5G network, which will enable the full potential of the service visible in real time.

But let’s get back to the app itself. DotYourSpot will primarily enable easy reservations for guests of restaurants, clubs or events in a few clicks and booking deposits for table reservations. Sounds simple? The idea is based on a large offer of establishments in the application itself, so guests will be offered an overview of the places and events in the city where they are located, as well as table booking options.
“With the help of our application, users will get an insight into the offer of hospitality businesses in the city, their price lists, as well as will be able to choose and book seats and buy tickets for events. In the clubs, VIP tables will have a special option, and that is to immediately choose a welcome drink for the evening. With each reservation, the user will collect points, which they will later be able to use in the form of discounts or other rewards,” Kovačić explains for 5G.hr. The application will also be useful for hosts because it will monitor the consumption of the guest, their habits, preferred drinks, thus creating a kind of guest profile for anyone who makes a reservation in a particular establishment.

The young Split-based company, founded by Zlatko Kovačić, Karlo Đuderija and Mario Azinović, currently offers two very interesting products to the market. They started with QR codes, i.e. QR price lists, which became the standard in all eating establishments during the coronavirus pandemic. Today, their QR price lists are used by about 200 establishments across Croatia, and Kovačić reveals that they have received inquiries from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
DotYourSpot QR stickers stand out because they are individualized for each place, allow quick and easy price list changes in real time, and provide hosts with a detailed statistic overview, which helps them make informed business decisions, the company explained.

Scanning our price lists opens the complete application that exists on our servers which guests and hosts can use without downloading any PDF files or apps. Therefore, our digital price lists open quickly, can be individualized and changed in real time according to the wishes of the host, and are incomparably more transparent, easier to use and, actually, nicer looking. However, at no point did we stop developing our system. This is exactly why we stand out from some other digital price list systems based on web pages or more basic progressive web applications. —Kovačić said, stating that the QR price lists will be translated into more than 10 languages, automatically convert euros, dollars and pounds, and give detailed descriptions of each item, with nutrition and allergen information.

They are also including more topics, an unlimited number of categories, subcategories and items themselves, and the ability to place pop-up ads for promotional products or events.

Another active product was developed for owners, maître d’s, and hospitality managers – a Reservation Management System, in charge of managing reservations and allocating tables.
“The algorithm knows at what time you have the highest workload, let us know when the waiter shifts need to be increased, and they will be able to predict how many guests will be seated at which table.” There will be no overbookings or unforeseen situations,” says Kovačić.

Zlatko Kovačić got the idea for this innovation after going out for a coffee: “After years spent on the ship, I realized it wasn’t fulfilling for me, so I decided to go back. I focused on reading books and gaining new knowledge, and I got the idea for this project when I went to a coffee shop with my girlfriend. We always go to that cafe, but we rarely find a place. Then I asked myself, ‘Why don’t we come here more often? If only we could know in advance if there was room.’ And then it occurred to me to do something to help us reserve a table without having to make a phone call. In peak season in Split, you can’t even find a free table in some popular cafes at certain times of the day, not to mention nightclubs and restaurants. It was from this problem that the idea arose to create a simple app that would simultaneously allow searching for nearby restaurants, checking their quality, and automatic booking.”

Since Mr. Kovačić is not a programmer nor did he have the necessary knowledge to develop an application, he needed a partner. It had to be a professional, and above all a person he could trust, and the only one who met both criteria was his childhood friend Karlo Đuderija. “Karlo agreed and together we got to work and formed a team,” explained the DotYourSpot founder.


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