YouTube is testing new AI chatbot to appear on select videos

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event 09.11.2023.
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In addition to the new conversational AI, the platform is experimenting with an AI summary feature for video comments.

YouTube is delving deeper into AI experimentation with two new features. The first, a “conversational AI tool”, aims to provide users with additional information about the video they are watching, answer questions, recommend related content, and even quiz viewers on educational topics. The second feature involves using AI to organize a video’s comments into “Topics”, allowing video creators to better navigate discussions and find inspiration for new content.

Both features are part of Google’s broader effort to integrate artificial intelligence across its services. However, YouTube emphasizes that these tools are currently available only through limited experiments. The conversational AI tool, for example, is available only to Premium subscribers using Android devices on select videos in English. Users can click on the “Ask” button beneath the video to interact with the chatbot.

Additionally, YouTube has introduced an AI-powered comment categorization feature, sorting comments into individual topics to help creators engage more efficiently with their audience. This experimental feature, available on a small number of videos with large comment sections, can be accessed through the “Topics” button alongside existing sorting options (“Top” or “Newest”).

YouTube acknowledges that the experiments may not always be flawless, particularly when dealing with comment sections, where moderation is crucial to prevent potential issues. Premium subscribers interested in trying these features can sign up here.


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