You may soon be able to watch music videos on Spotify

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event 11.07.2023.
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The music streaming service is reportedly considering introducing full-length music videos in an effort to bring in more young users from YouTube and TikTok.

Spotify Technology is currently in talks with its partners to add the new feature to its app, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Currently, Spotify offers Canvas for artists, which is an eight-second visual loop displayed in a vertical format to occupy the screen. It appears in the Now Playing View instead of the album artwork. Canvases are MP4 or JPG files ranging from three to eight seconds in length, with a vertical 9:16 ratio and a height between 720 and 1080 pixels.

In addition, Spotify recently launched Clips, which are short vertical videos (under 30 seconds) that can be attached to artist profiles, individual songs, albums, or upcoming releases. The objective of this new product is to emphasize music at the core of the user experience, allowing viewers to easily listen to songs after watching the associated videos. Clips can be directly uploaded to Spotify for Artists.

As of now, Spotify has not provided any official comments regarding these rumors.


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