What changes does the latest Android update bring?

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event 13.04.2023.
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New gesture navigation and sharing features are rolling out in Android 14 beta, available to early public adopters.

The first beta of Google’s Android 14 OS is available to download today, introducing new features focused on system navigation, privacy, performance, and user customization.

Gesture navigation has been updated to include a more conspicuous Material You-themed back arrow that adjusts to complement the device’s theme or wallpaper. Aside from arguably being more aesthetically pleasing, the updated back arrow is designed to help users better understand Android 14’s predictive back gesture experience, which now previews the screen users are navigating to within applications.

Android 14 also introduces a new system share sheet –  the page that opens when you tap to share content. This allows developers to add custom app-specific actions to the top of the share menu. Google describes this as a “superior” experience compared to the existing Android share sheets in which share targets (the app you’re sharing content to) are always sorted alphabetically. The new share sheet also uses more app signals to determine where the direct share targets that appear toward the top of the page should rank (though it’s not clear what exactly those signals are).

Additional updates in the first Android 14 beta include new graphical features like morphing effects and enhanced language settings that automatically configure applications to support language preferences on a per-app basis. Privacy is also being improved by allowing apps to restrict the visibility of sensitive data to accessibility services that claim to help users with disabilities. These claims will be verified by Google Play Protect. Google suggests that the new privacy protection can be used to help prevent actions like accidentally transferring money or checking out in a shopping app.

If you want to try out Android 14 before its full public release, you can check out the developer site for more information and instructions on how to download the beta version. However, if you are already in the Android QPR beta program, then you don’t have to do anything; the first Android 14 beta will automatically become available.


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