Verizon enhances military connectivity in Hawaii with 5G services

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event 10.01.2024.
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The cell tower project at Helemano Military Reservation is set to bolster wireless coverage for US Army Garrison Hawaii.

Verizon has secured a contract with the US Armed Forces, clinching a deal to provide 5G services to a military base in Hawaii. This initiative involves the construction of a cell tower as part of a $1 million project aimed at enhancing connectivity for military personnel.

The newly erected 5G tower at the Helemano Military Reservation (HMR), part of the US Army Garrison Hawaii, is set to significantly improve wireless coverage and augment network services in an area that has historically grappled with connectivity challenges. Verizon’s representative informed Mobile World Live that the tower operates on the operator’s “nationwide 5G,” utilizing lower-frequency bands typically below 6GHz.

With around 2,000 service personnel stationed at nearby military sites and their families, the Helemano Military Reservation plays a crucial role. Lieutenant Colonel Izabella Lundy, Commander of the 307th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, highlighted the significance of Verizon’s setup in providing soldiers and their families with reliable access to emergency services, facilitating everyday communication, and ensuring the seamless conduct of daily activities.

The so-called “Dragon Tower” at HMR is the first of 13 planned for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s HMR Express store at the center of the reservation. This strategic deployment aims to strengthen connections for military personnel across Hawaii.

In recent years. Verizon has secured multiple contracts with the US Navy, the Department of Defense, and other government agencies, solidifying its commitment to advancing connectivity solutions for military operations.


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