Telefónica, Ericsson, Qualcomm to roll out commercial 5G 26GHz

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event 21.02.2023.
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During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Telefónica, Ericsson and Qualcomm plan to launch what they claim to be the first commercial 5G network in the millimeter wave (mmWave) range.

This technology advancement will make it possible for compatible user device partners to connect to the Telefónica 5G mmWave network while the event is taking place. At MWC, Qualcomm Technologies will display a whole range of 5G mmWave products from around the world powered by Snapdragon mobile platforms that propel IT sector growth.

The optimal way of achieving high speeds and large capacity and providing the best 5G experience in crowded areas is to use 5G mmWave spectrum. The importance of 5G mmWave in the areas of Fixed Wireless Access, digitalization, Industry 4.0, and connected vehicles is particularly important since it offers extremely high-performance coverage and makes it possible to explore a completely new spectrum of use cases.

This 5G mmWave deployment will provide smooth 5G user experiences for MWC attendees in Hall 3 of the La Fira venue due to its high network capacity and performance boost. This will enable ultra-fast mobile access at lower latencies, which will revolutionize the way users realize mobile connectivity.

As the only service provider in Spain with a full 1GHz spectrum, Telefónica will be the first company able to provide download speeds greater than 5 Gbps and upload rates of 1 Gbps in the future. This massive spectrum will enable the use of bandwidth-intensive applications like multi-view cameras and user-generated content in busy sports venues like football stadiums. By integrating technologies like artificial intelligence and automation in a completely flexible environment, It will also improve immersive experiences like VR and AR and give industry and manufacturing companies the crucial communications they need to go fully wireless and become more competitive.

With plenty of mmWave spectrum bandwidth obtained from the most recent Spanish spectrum auction, Telefónica will cover Hall 3 of the MWC Barcelona event with its 5G mmWave deployment. To enable the 5G millimeter coverage, Ericsson is providing its mmWave radio AIR 5322 and high-capacity RAN Processor 6651. The RAN equipment is powered by Ericsson Silicon chipset, offering the best lightweight and energy efficiency advantages as well as unprecedented performance and innovative features.

Qualcomm Technologies will showcase on its stand a variety of 5G mmWave devices powered by Snapdragon, including commercial premium smartphones, PCs, CPEs (consumer premises equipment), hotspots, and more. Millimeter band connectivity will allow for a number of advantages, targeting high-traffic areas such as hot spots in both indoor and outdoor settings, improving existing urban macro locations, densifying urban and suburban streets, and using macro tower sites to expand the coverage of fixed wireless access (FWA) services as a complement to fiber deployment in challenging areas.

We are proud to continue working with industry partners such as Telefónica and Ericsson to push boundaries of connectivity and enable robust consumer experiences. Being able to show the first commercial deployment of commercial 5G mmWave services at MWC 2023 Barcelona is an example of another significant milestone for 5G mmWave in Europe.

Dino Flore, VP Technology, Qualcomm Europe

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