Startup founded by ex-Apple employees to release unique AI assistant you can wear

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event 26.10.2023.
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The AI Pin’s several functions are powered by “a mix of proprietary software and OpenAI’s GPT-4” and it is designed to magnetically attach to your garment.

Humane, a mysterious hardware and software startup founded two former Apple executives in 2016, is set to release its first device – the AI Pin – on November 9th.

Interestingly, the AI Pin has already been recognized as one of Time‘s “Best Inventions of 2023” before its official announcement. The accolade was accompanied by a brief write-up, offering limited details and featuring a notable photograph of the device.

The AI Pin includes an interesting feature called the “Trust Light,” which illuminates whenever the device’s camera, microphone, or other sensors are actively recording data in any way.

Humane has been generating buzz around the AI Pin for several months, starting in April with a TED talk by co-founder Imran Chaudhri, which included intriguing demonstrations. The device also made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week, and while Humane was initially expected to provide more information on October 14th, the official announcement has been postponed.

Described by Chaudhri as “a new kind of wearable device and platform,” the AI Pin stands out for its independence from smartphones or other devices, raising questions about its operational mechanisms. Given Humane’s emphasis on the device’s AI capabilities, it’s evident that certain large language model-based technology is integrated. Chaudhri, among other former Apple employees at Humane, has leveraged this connection to position the Pin as a groundbreaking product.

Despite creating considerable anticipation for the upcoming device, Humane faces stiff competition in the AI gadget business. Rivals such as Rewind have announced their own AI-centric hardware, like the Rewind Pendant, which offers similar day-to-day management features. Furthermore, reports suggest that Sam Altman and Jony Ive are collaborating on AI-focused hardware, and the smart glasses with AI assistants market is rapidly expanding, thanks to companies like Meta. The industry is thus racing to uncover the possibilities of AI-enabled hardware.

Numerous aspects of the AI Pin’s functionality and integration into daily life remain undisclosed. However, its release is scheduled for November 9th, so we should soon learn whether this device really is the wearable of the future.


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