Spotify introduces DJ based on artificial intelligence

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event 23.02.2023.
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The company’s new “AI DJ in your pocket” feature uses a synthesized voice to provide a personalized listening experience.

Spotify’s latest addition is an AI-powered DJ that curates and commentates on a constantly changing playlist. They call it a pocket AI DJ that “knows you and your music taste so well that it can choose what to play for you.”

According to the launch teaser and clips shared on social media, the feature appears to mimic a radio host pretty closely, throwing in fun tidbits and commentary about the artist, album or track as you go along.

Users can change genres or artists by pressing the on-screen ‘DJ’ button, and the playlist is limitless. The algorithm is supposed to upgrade music recommendations – by scanning new releases in order suggest new artists you might like or take you back to songs you’ve enjoyed before.

The DJ’s artificial voice is powered by voice technology from Sonantic AI, a startup that Spotify bought last year. The company states that the words the DJ says are pulled from a mix of sources; including a pool of “music experts, culture experts, data curators [and] scriptwriters” and generative artificial intelligence tech provided by OpenAI.

The quality of the artificial voice certainly seems impressive. At the moment, there is a single voice model available, based on the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan, who worked as an executive at Spotify before becoming host of the former popular morning podcast The Get Up. However, Spotify claims that this is merely the “first model for DJ”, indicating that users will have access to additional virtual hosts in the future. They may thus be able to choose not only different voices but also a variety of “presenting” styles, ranging from upbeat to laid-back.

The beta version of the AI DJ is debuting today, though it is currently only available in English for Spotify Premium subscribers in the United States and Canada.


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