Microsoft launches new online app store for Windows

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event 09.10.2023.
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With a new UI and simpler ways to find applications, Microsoft has completely overhauled its web edition of the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has introduced a fresh web version of its Windows app store, aimed at replacing the existing method of finding Windows applications online, with links from the site directing users to the Microsoft Store client on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

In this updated iteration, Microsoft has discarded its previous React codebase in favor of a contemporary web version employing technologies like Shoelace, Lit, Vite, and a C# ASP.NET backend.

According to Microsoft engineer Judah Gabriel, the previous site relied on a React codebase built on an outdated UI framework, prompting the creation of a new user experience marked by a thoughtfully designed interface and enhanced methods for discovering new apps, all underpinned by modern web technology.

This revamped web store facilitates convenient searches for Windows apps and Xbox PC games that users can download through the primary Microsoft Store app on Windows. Importantly, it will not replace the primary Microsoft Store app; instead, it complements it as a web interface for accessing the app store on Windows.

Microsoft’s introduction of this new web front aligns with its broader goal of expanding its range of apps and games beyond the Windows platform. Earlier this year, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced Microsoft’s plans to develop an Xbox mobile gaming store, potentially launching as early as 2024, in anticipation of regulatory changes that may compel companies like Apple and Google to open up their mobile app stores. In preparation for this expansion, Microsoft will require a web interface to ensure discoverability in search results and links on social media.


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