Markoja becomes strategic investor in Ecotelligent to advance sustainable telecom solutions

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event 02.07.2024.
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Markoja d.o.o. and Ecotelligent Oy are pleased to announce a significant milestone.

The Croatian and Finnish companies have entered into a binding agreement for the acquisition by Markoja of a 30% shareholding in Ecotelligent. This investment is a major boost for Ecotelligent, enabling them to improve their sustainable innovations in the telecommunications infrastructure market and expand market reach for both companies.

Founded in 2017 in Finland, Ecotelligent Ltd develops, sells and builds passive telecommunication infrastructures based on Engineered Wood Product (EWP), and is committed to adding renewable wooden elements to communication towers. The company has received development funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, as the first company to provide carbon-neutral and low-carbon antenna support and infrastructure – from planning and design to manufacture and assembly. Their towers are proving to be a significant step in the transition towards more sustainable construction, integrating community spaces with the local environment. 

Markoja d.o.o. is the leading Croatian provider of network and infrastructure solutions for fixed and mobile communications with a large customer base, including national telecom companies as well as other private and state-owned enterprises. In the 30 years of its operation, the company has also established itself as the leading Croatian system integrator for industrial instrumentation and automation and has since ventured into the 5G and TowerCo business, ensuring RF (5G) coverage in the 3600 MHz frequency band at the regional level in nine Croatian counties as of 2023, as well as actively working on developing a market of private 5G networks for various industrial verticals and smart communities.

As the sole distributor of Ecotelligent towers in Croatia and the region, Markoja has already installed the country’s first two wooden structured telecommunication towers (aka Ecopols), out of just  four in the world.

“Guided by our ‘5E’ values, Markoja aims to create a network of eco-friendly, economical, energy-efficient, and esthetically pleasing telecommunication infrastructure of ethical production, with a focus on areas with poor network coverage as well as tourist destinations,” said Boris Markoja, founder and CEO of Markoja d.o.o. “We are proud to announce this partnership with Ecotelligent, whose mission fits into our ideology perfectly, and provide the resources and expertise needed to accelerate our mutual growth and innovation in the field of sustainable technology.”

Gyöngyi Mátray, CEO of Ecotelligent, added: I would like to take this opportunity to thank our early adopters in Europe for believing in Ecotelligent and using our unique products. Additionally, I want to acknowledge the hard work, dedication of our founders over the past years. Our achievements are the proof of our joint efforts, and I am confident that together with Markoja, we will reach even greater heights. We aim to convince new customers that choosing bio-based options among other telecommunications tower structures is both possible and highly advantageous. I also want to extend a warm welcome to the Markoja team. We are excited to work closely with you and leverage our combined strengths to advance our shared goals.”

Ecotelligent’s commitment to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly products to the telecommunications infrastructure market remains unwavering. With Markoja’s support, they are now well positioned to expand product offerings, enter new markets, and strengthen their competitive edge. This partnership focuses on sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


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