Launch of Ericsson Private 5G – specialized network for industry and ports

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event 16.06.2021.
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Ericsson has launched Ericsson Private 5G for secure and simple 4G LTE and 5G standalone (SA) connectivity primarily – but not exclusively – focused on manufacturing, mining and process industries, offshore and power companies, as well as ports and airports.

Ericsson Private 5G optimizes and simplifies business operations with cloud-based network management, keeps sensitive data on-site, with zero downtime upgrades and guarantees high performance through service-level agreements, the company explained.

It is easy to install, within hours at any facility, and can be adapted to support larger coverage areas, more devices, and higher capacity when needed. The flexibly designed solution will support a range of deployment sizes, depending on requirements, to suit varied needs. Companies can manage their networks and integrate it with IT/OT systems via an open application programming interface (API).

Ericsson Private 5G builds on Ericsson’s 4G/5G radio and dual-mode core technology, enabling a wide variety of indoor and outdoor use cases while integrating well with business operations, devices, and applications. As a result, companies can improve productivity, give their customers more value, and provide a better work environment for employees.

Innovative use cases include asset tracking assets and real-time automation to improve warehouse productivity and a digital twin that can help optimize manufacturing operations. Efficient quality inspections can also be performed via augmented reality or smart surveillance drones to increase worker safety, especially in potentially hazardous environments such as ports and mines.

Ericsson already has a significant track record in the area of ​​4G and 5G private network deployments with customers worldwide. Ericsson Private 5G is based on the success of that solution portfolio and deployment insights, as well as insights from projects such as 5G-Industry Campus Europe.


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