Innovation leader DOK-ING launches 5G in partnership with A1

Author: Editorial
event 09.11.2021.
Foto: A1

Zagreb’s DOK-ING, a world-renowned company that, by integrating its own innovations and new technologies, develops and manufactures robotic special purpose systems to protect human lives. Their robots are used in the most dangerous environments, such as demining, underground mining, and firefighting.

The company uses the low-latency and high-capacity 5G for research and development activities, production, and testing and control of specialized robots. On their 30th business anniversary, in cooperation with A1 Croatia, they are the first in Croatia to roll out 5G services in the 26 GHz frequency band.

DOK-ING is an international market leader in robotic systems that solve the most complex tasks in extreme conditions. As a company committed to the development of knowledge and innovation, we welcome cooperation with A1 Croatia for the application of the 5G network in the 26 GHz frequency band. We are always thinking of how we can apply the latest discoveries such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, which are enabled by the new 5G technology, to improve our products. —said Marijo Grgurinović, CEO of DOK-ING.

A1 Croatia continues to introduce and implement a 5G in the high frequency (26 GHz) mmWave range, which allows for a significant increase in capacity and the provision of an extremely short response time of only a few milliseconds in micro-locations such as real 5G campuses and for various industrial needs and dedicated private 5G networks, stadiums or halls.

Tomislav Makar, CTO of A1 Croatia, underscored the company’s focus on creating a gigabit society, adding: “Having acquired the 700 MHz, 3.6 GHz, and the 26 GHz spectrum, we ensured a long-term resource to provide a superior user experience. With the application of the most modern, as well as reliable and secure, technologies at 26 GHz, we’ve established a 2 Gbps link with DOK-ING, thus providing the user with an optical experience via the mobile network. As network technology and user devices develop further, we can expect speeds of up to 10 Gbps.”

A1 Croatia was the first to demonstrate gigabit speeds and low latency, as well as the capabilities of the 5G network in Zagreb and Osijek in the 3.6 GHz frequency range, and in Zagreb and Bistra in the 700 MHz frequency range. Following the concrete business application of the A1 5G network in the business incubator PISMO-Novska and the development and control of the Gideon Brothers logistics robot, its cooperation with DOK-ING is the first instance of 5G network application in the 26 GHz frequency range in Croatia. This is a testament to the accelerated construction of new generation infrastructure and the investments of private companies in innovation and digitalization of Croatia.


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