HT tests 5G+ speeds of up to 4 Gbit/s

Author: Editorial
event 21.10.2021.
Foto: Hrvatski Telekom / Na slici: Boris Drilo, član Uprave Hrvatskog Telekoma i glavni direktor za tehniku i informacijske tehnologije

On Thursday, Hrvatski Telekom became the first on the domestic market to present the capabilities of the 5G+ network, reaching speeds of up to 4 Gbit/s and network response time of only ten milliseconds. The 5G+ network is based on the 26 GHz frequencies ensured by HT in the 5G spectrum auction, which ended in August.

Hrvatski Telekom has thus become the only operator in Croatia that provides 5G services on all available 5G frequency bands, the company said in a statement.

The 5G+ network multiplies the performance of the mobile network in the segment of peak and medium speeds of internet access and shortens network response times.

The presented performances of the network will soon enable the development of new and innovative services, and the 5G + network will play a significant role in the further development of e-mobility in Croatia, according to HT’s press release. On this occasion, HT presented the concept of updating the software for electric cars and exchanging data with the service center when charging EVs at charging stations.

With the 5G+ network performances shown today, we have demonstrated the exciting future we’d have with 5G technology. The e-mobility and EV segment is just one of the branches that will experience a full boom thanks to 5G. Due to the large spectrum width, the 26 GHz frequency band will be crucial in the future for achieving high capacities and peak transmission speeds. This will enable the development of new customer services that will be able to use high capacity and ultra-low latency, such as, for example, campus networks for Industry 4.0. —says Boris Drilo, Member of the Management Board and CTIO of HT.

In the electric vehicle segment, 5G will be key to an advanced customer experience, and even greater safety and reliability in traffic. It is estimated that there will be 41 million 5G-connected cars on world roads by 2030, and that number will at least double by 2035. Given this, a fully reliable and advanced network infrastructure is needed to support EV charging stations, which HT is systematically working on and continuously improving.

Fast and secure data transfer is essential for a successful transition to full e-mobility. The introduction of the functionalities and capabilities of the 5G network presented today has a positive effect on related industries, where there is further accelerated development, greater investment in security aspects of solutions and products, and infrastructure. The quality of customer experience is improving as everything becomes faster, simpler, and more accurate. There is no waiting, fewer errors, and availability is increased at every point of contact with the service. 5G meets the needs of new generations and enables everyone who is experiencing change to more quickly accept technological innovations aimed at sustainability and security. —explains Goran Ježić, director of Business Computer Systems.

With the highest number of installed charging stations, Hrvatski Telekom is a leader in the field of e-mobility in Croatia and the region.


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