HT launches 5G smartphones: T Phone and T Phone Pro

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event 30.09.2022.
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Developed in partnership between Deutsche Telekom and Google, the phones are designed around the best Google apps and services, integrating software, hardware and network capabilities into a seamless 5G experience.

Today, Hrvatski Telekom, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Group, presented a smartphone under its own name: T Phone and its 5G variant T Phone Pro 5G, which will be available in Croatia starting next month.

As they state, 5G has a transformational impact on many aspects of modern life, from instant and always available access to everything, education, entertainment, to services for building smart cities. However, the main obstacle to accessing the benefits of connected technology is still the high price of 5G smartphones, which is why, the company points out, they launched their own phones.

T Phone and T Phone Pro connect to Hrvatski Telekom’s broadband 5G network via the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset. They bring 6.82- and 6.52-inch HD+ screens, well-optimized batteries (capacity 4500/5000 mAh), 15W charging support, powerful high-resolution cameras and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, all with a sleek and modern design.

Partnership with Google

The partnership between Deutsche Telekom and Google ensures that the T Phone and T Phone Pro are a pair of affordable 5G smartphones that unlock the full potential of the 5G network with no compromise in quality, experience, or security.

Thanks to the cooperation with Google, both devices have Android 12 and two subsequent updates (up to Android 14) and security updates for four years. An additional benefit for all T Phone buyers is three months of free 100 GB storage on the Google One cloud – for safe storage of photos, videos, contacts, etc.

T Phone and T Phone Pro will be available for purchase in all of HT’s sales channels from October 5th (in one of the postpaid or prepaid plans that support 5G or as an independent device), when all prices and benefits will also be announced.

We recognize the importance of 5G access for all, given the role it will play in our shared digital future. With the affordable T Phone and T Phone Pro, we are bringing the benefits of 5G to even more of our users in nine European markets. With the new devices, our customers can enjoy the possibilities of our ever-expanding 5G network, from entertainment to countless digital products and services – at a more affordable price.

Dominique Leroy, Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG for Europe

You can check more detailed specifications of both devices on the official website.


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