Google releases first beta version of Android 15

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event 15.04.2024.
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Excited to get a sneak peek at Google’s upcoming Android 15? Well, now’s your chance! Google has rolled out the first public beta version of the new Android operating system, making it available for anyone with a supported Pixel device.

In a recent post on the Android Developers Blog, Google’s Engineering VP, Dave Burke, highlighted some of the exciting features and improvements coming with Android 15. This new OS promises users enhanced privacy and security, improved accessibility, and smoother app experiences.

We bring you a breakdown of some of the key features.

Edge-to-edge apps

Apps designed for Android 15 will automatically fill the entire screen, eliminating the need for developers to tweak their code manually. This means you’ll likely see more apps taking advantage of your device’s full display.

Smoother NFC

Making contactless payments with Google Wallet using NFC will be even easier and more reliable in Android 15. Apps will be able to detect fingerprint presses on supported devices to ensure secure transactions.

Inter-character justification

Android 15 will improve text display for languages like Chinese and Japanese by handling white spaces more effectively.

App archiving

Android users can now free up storage space by archiving apps installed from Google Play, and Android 15 will make this process even more seamless by adding OS-level support.

App-managed profiling

Developers will have access to new tools in Android 15 to identify and address performance issues within their apps more efficiently.

Enhanced Braille support

TalkBack, Google’s screen reader, will now offer improved compatibility with a wider range of Braille displays over USB and Bluetooth connections.

Better end-to-end encryption management

Android 15 will introduce a new tool to help users manage and verify public keys used by their contacts, enhancing security.

Secured background activity

Additional features in Android 15 will prevent malicious apps from interfering with other apps or gaining unauthorized access to device functions.

To try out the Android 15 beta on your Pixel device, visit the Android Beta webpage, sign in with your Google account, and check if your phone is eligible.


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