Google Maps gets AI boost with 5 new features

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event 16.11.2023.
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Maps are getting smarter and even more helpful!

Google is giving its popular navigation app a massive AI upgrade with the introduction of five new features.

Among the noteworthy additions is Immersive View, allowing users to experience their route from a street-level 3D perspective, offering realistic details of surroundings and directions before even starting the trip. You can also see how different locations look in real time.

Another feature, Google Maps Search, utilizes AI to tailor location suggestions based on user preferences, needs, and context, enhancing the search experience for places such as restaurants with personalized options, user-submitted photos, and reviews.

Google Maps Navigation is also getting AI enhancements, including improved lane guidance and real-time traffic updates, helping users make informed route decisions.

Owners of electric vehicles will find added information on EV charging stations, including precise location, charger type, charging speed, availability status, and recent usage data, providing comprehensive details for efficient planning.

The app also is also updating Search with Live View – now “Lens in Maps” – leveraging artificial intelligence to recognize and label objects and places through augmented reality, in order to offer users detailed information about their surroundings.

These AI-driven features will elevate Google Maps to provide users with a more immersive, personalized, and augmented navigation experience.


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