Fastest 5G network in Croatia to become available countrywide by this summer

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event 29.04.2022.
Foto: Telemach

In a recent interview, Nenad Šlibar, Chief Technical Officer at Telemach, announced full cov-erage of the Republic of Croatia with the fifth-generation mobile network by the beginning of the 2022 tourist season.

In less than a year, Telemach Croatia has distinguished itself as a leader in the domestic telecom market. This is the result of large investments of its parent United Group in infrastructure, networks, base stations, as well as in technology, services, but also the complete transformation of Telemach, in which about one billion of the planned 1.7 billion kuna has been invested so far.

Speaking about the importance of having a quality mobile and fixed telephone network for N1 TV, Šlibar said that 1GB networks have become today’s standard: “Telemach has invested heavily into fixed infrastructure, and we have provided 2GB speed for 50-60 thousand households. The investments are substantial. 1 GB has now become the standard.”

Regarding what a faster and better network means for users, Šlibar cites the example of streaming services that can now be delivered on mobile devices at high speeds, adding that now “all news is available in the palm of your hand, wherever the user is”.

Although the implementation of the new generation of mobile network usually takes several years, Telemach, with the financial and professional assistance of the United Group, decided to completely modernize the mobile network and introduce 5G technology in less than a year throughout Croatia. Telemach’s 5G network is currently available in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, Zadar, and a number of towns.

We plan to cover entire Croatia with a 5G signal by the beginning of the tourist season. Today we have completed all major cities, by the end of June we aim to have 5G throughout Croatia.

Let us remind you that Ookla, global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing and analysis and the company behind Speedtest, confirmed that of all mobile operators in Croatia, Telemach achieves the highest 5G download and upload speeds. This rigorous analysis was launched by consumers in collaboration with Speedtest in the first quarter of 2022, and the results prove that the value of the most advanced technologies that Telemach brings to THE market is clearly evident.


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