European Commission establishes European AI Office

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event 01.03.2024.
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The EU has inaugurated the European AI Office, positioning it as the hub of AI expertise across Member States. With a pivotal role in implementing the AI Act, the office is set to champion the cultivation and utilization of trustworthy AI while bolstering international collaboration.

Within the framework of the European Commission, the AI Office stands as the linchpin for AI governance, laying the groundwork for a unified European AI regulatory system. The EU’s objective is to ensure the safety and reliability of AI technologies, marking the AI Act as the first-ever comprehensive legal framework globally. This framework is designed to safeguard the health, safety, and fundamental rights of individuals while furnishing legal certainty to businesses operating across the 27 member states.

Equipped with robust authority conferred by the AI Act, the European AI Office will spearhead its implementation, offering support to governance bodies in member states and enforcing regulations governing general-purpose AI models. Empowered to conduct evaluations, solicit information and measures from model providers, and impose sanctions, the office aims to uphold the integrity of AI deployments. Additionally, it seeks to foster an ecosystem of innovative and reliable AI technologies, ensuring their societal and economic benefits while maintaining international competitiveness.

To facilitate informed decision-making, the AI Office will collaborate closely with member states and various expert communities through dedicated forums and expert groups. Leveraging insights from academia, industry, think tanks, civil society, and the open-source ecosystem, the office will foster a comprehensive understanding of AI’s potential benefits and risks, ensuring a balanced approach to AI governance.

Key functions of the AI Office include:

  • supporting the implementation of the AI Act and enforcement of general-purpose AI rules
  • strengthening the development and utilization of trustworthy AI
  • fostering international cooperation on AI governance.

The establishment of the AI Office underscores the EU’s commitment to nurturing responsible AI development and utilization while fostering global collaboration in this critical domain. Through strategic partnerships, collaborative initiatives, and proactive engagement with stakeholders, the office aims to steer Europe towards a future guided by ethical, transparent, and inclusive AI practices.


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