EU awards additional €2 billion for 5G

Author: Editorial
event 29.07.2021.
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The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), key EU funding instrument, has provided an additional €2 billion for projects based on 5G technologies.

The European Parliament adopted the upgraded CEF program worth €30 billion to fund transport, energy, and digital projects. The program focuses on transport infrastructure, alternative fuels charging infrastructure, and the rollout of 5G coverage on important transport routes with a view to complete the projects by 2030.

Most of CEF funds, 60 percent to be exact, will be invested in green projects, with €23 billion going to transport, €5 billion for energy projects, and €3 billion for digital projects.

In the digital sector, CEF will support the development of projects of common interest such as safe and secure high-capacity digital networks and 5G systems, as well as the digitalization of transport and energy networks.

“Connecting Europe Facility finances key cross-border connectivity and renewable energy projects between member states and will allow Europe to take a leap towards a digital and climate neutral economy. This is vital to ensure we stay competitive in the future,” explained Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) rapporteur Henna Virkkunen.


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