Emma Raducanu gives first 5G tennis coaching session – as a hologram!

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event 25.04.2023.
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British tennis star Emma Raducanu was able to conduct a hologram coaching session thanks to a partnership between the sport production company Wing and Vodafone’s 5G network.

The young 2021 US Open champion coached Sam Clague (14) and T’nae Diamond Paisley (12), who were in London, in real time in the form of a 3D hologram from her training camp in Abu Dhabi.

The 4000 Mile Holo5Gram Coach event, directed by Will Ingham and produced by Owen Cox, is a follow-up to Vodafone’s remote autograph signing event via 5G from July 2021 – 8000 Mile Auto5Graph featuring the rugby team British & Irish Lions – and is a social first campaign delivered as seven 1:1 clips that were optimized for Instagram. Wing devised and executed both campaigns.

All of this was accomplished using cutting-edge camera technology to transmit live 4K HDR video from Abu Dhabi to Wimbledon, located more than 4,000 miles away, over the superfast, low-latency Vodafone 5G network. With “no delay” between the lesson in Abu Dhabi and her 5G hologram on the court at London’s AELTC Community Tennis Centre (Vodafone being the official partner of AELTC as well as Wimbledon), the footage was then projected onto 14m×10m high definition hologauze.

Will Ingham, founder and creative director of Wing, said:

These kinds of projects really allow us to push boundaries and create unique world first moments by fusing the worlds of technology and creativity, bringing to life ‘real life’ showcases that have true meaning to fans and the world of sport. Enabling a remote coaching session in such a unique way was a huge challenge across all of the agency but one that we really relished.

According to new study from Vodafone, nearly half of British citizens (47%) think that future technological advancements could improve how kids learn to play tennis, while 43% believe that it could alter how kids are exposed to the sport.

Dr Ian Pearson, futurologist, predicts that technology such as Vodafone 5G has the potential to open up countless opportunities for tennis in the future.


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