Deutsche Telekom now offers 5G Roaming in over 40 countries

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event 04.07.2022.
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Deutsche Telekom customers are vacationing with 5G this year! Just in time for the start of the tourist season, DT has finalized contracts with 63 partners to make the fast mobile communications standard available abroad.

Customers in more than 40 countries can now surf the web with 5G. These include countries with Telekom national companies like Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, and the USA. Thanks to roaming, 5G is also available to Telekom customers in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and China.

Anyone with a German SIM card can use roaming to access the internet or make phone calls on another country’s mobile network. When traveling within the EU or to the United Kingdom and Switzerland, customers continue to use their domestic rate under the same terms and with the same quality as in Germany – provided that the roaming partner makes this technically possible. Another prerequisite is a smartphone that supports the fast standard as well as a 5G rate plan.

Customers no longer have to worry about additional roaming fees if the destination is an EU member state because, as of 2017, the EU removed roaming fees for short-term international travel to Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Since then, calls, texts, and mobile surfing have not been subject to any additional roaming fees.

For locations outside the EU, DT offers add-on Travel-Mobil options. The overview of charges is not lost while traveling. The EU cost control automatically cuts off the internet connection abroad when the cost reaches €59.50 and again at €119. Phone calls and SMS are still available. Customers can choose whether to book a different roaming option or keep surfing with the default “Worldwide” option.

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network is currently accessible to about 75 million people, i.e. 92% of the population has 5G coverage. DT is now also using a new frequency (700 MHz) in its 5G network for this purpose. Telekom is thus enhancing mobile coverage, especially in rural areas, so customers can use the internet concurrently in greater numbers.

An additional ten megahertz of bandwidth is available exclusively for 5G. This guarantees short download times. More than 3,000 antennas are transmitting on the new 5G frequency, which is roughly equivalent to 1,100 sites.


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