Q4 2023

Croatian mobile network revenues up almost 9%

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In the fourth quarter of 2023, mobile network revenues in Croatia surged by 8.96 percent, totaling EUR 148 million, propelled by a 1.84 percent year-on-year expansion in the subscriber base, which reached 4.56 million SIM cards.

Among these, individual subscribers accounted for 3.73 million (+1.31%) and business customers for 829,460 (+4.29%). The breakdown revealed 2.21 million postpaid users (+6.97%) and 1.52 million prepaid users (-5.95%), as per data from the Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Activities (HAKOM).

Meanwhile, revenue from fixed telephone network services experienced a slight decline of 1.61 percent, amounting to EUR 31.5 million, alongside a 2.5 percent reduction in the number of connections, reaching 1.20 million.

Internet service revenues surged by 9.77 percent, reaching EUR 189.9 million, with 6.56 million broadband connections (+6.12%). Fixed broadband connections tallied 1.11 million (+2.98%), with a notable increase of 33 percent in fiber optic connections, totaling 260,718, as users shifted from outdated copper infrastructure, which saw a decline of 4.93 percent to 633,873.

Additionally, there were 5.44 million mobile internet connections (+6.79%), including 3.31 million private users via 3G/4G (-7.01%), 1.11 million business users via 3G/4G (-0.28%), and 817,762 private users via 5G (+143.19%).

Pay-TV revenues also witnessed a notable rise of 7.25 percent, reaching EUR 32.9 million, with 915,704 pay-TV users recorded at year-end (-0.04%). The distribution among various platforms showed IPTV accounting for 495,107 users (+2.13%), cable for 146,953 users (-5.09%), satellite TV for 126,032 users (-4.40%), DTT pay-TV for 95,102 users (-6.00%), and OTT for 52,510 users (+20.84%).


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