Croatia gets first 5G home internet service

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event 29.11.2021.
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In a market first, A1 Croatia is offering home internet via the 5G mobile network. With premium devices, the user will get quality broadband access. This is another contribution to the balanced development of Croatia and the provision of a level playing field for work, education, and even entertainment in areas without adequate fixed infrastructure, the telco reports.

Back in 2006, they introduced the Homebox service, Croatia’s first home internet over a 3G network. In the meantime, the service has been upgraded several times with new network capabilities and devices. The new service via a 5G network responds to the growing density of users and their demands for faster ways to transfer massive amounts of data. At the same time, it continues the trend of bringing innovations to the market.

They offer two services – premium, which uses an external antenna and a modem, and is intended for all who need a stable and fast internet connection; and basic, which comes with an indoor unit and is a technological upgrade on the previous Homebox service. The premium package, along with the 5G internet tariff, consists of reliable and quality equipment: an Askey outdoor unit and a Fritzbox 7530 modem, which together ensure the best possible signal reception and a stable Wi-Fi network for users. No significant construction work is required for both units, as they are easy to install, they say at A1.

“We respond to the needs of our customers but also the market as a whole, we are pleased to be the first to bring a solution – a new generation of Homebox – via 5G network. The service is available in areas with good A1 5G signal coverage, which are expanding from month to month. It brings the experience of quality home broadband access via the mobile network to our users, especially those who cannot access optical fiber connectivity,” said Ivana Marković, Senior Private Customer Director of A1 Croatia, and concluded: “With such solutions, we affirm our commitment to remain leaders in the digitalization of Croatia.”

The new 5G internet tariff with premium equipment, i.e. outdoor and indoor units, ensures a reliable, stable, and secure network with 1 TB of traffic per month and speeds of up to 200 Mbps. The outdoor unit is intended for better reception of 5G signals, which means better internet access for the end-user on all their devices.
The 5G Homebox tariff provides a recognizable, upgraded version of the Homebox device and includes 500 GB of data traffic at the maximum available speed of up to 200 Mbit/s. Like all other tariffs on offer at A1, they can be connected to MOZAIK, achieving additional savings by combining several services.

Fixed access over 5G network is also available for all business users with 5G Officebox (PRO) and 5G Internet BIZ (PRO) services. Apart from these services, A1 Croatia has demonstrated its leading position in the introduction of new technologies and solutions through its recent collaboration with DOK-ING, a Croatian company specialized in robotic systems. For research and development of their robots, they were provided an optical experience via fixed internet access over mobile network with the first application of 5G in the 26 GHz frequency band.


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