CES 2024: Recap of the most exciting tech trends

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event 16.01.2024.
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We bring you the most notable innovations from the Mecca of consumer electronics!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 concluded last week, drawing over 135,000 participants from 150 countries, including 4,300 exhibitors, 1,400 startups, and 1,000 speakers across 250 sessions. As a beacon of consumer tech, CES has historically set the tone for the year’s technological landscape, with iconic product reveals such as the Atari 800 in 1979, the CD in 1981, and 4K streaming in 2014.

While CES is known for its awe-inspiring showcases, not every demonstration translates to market success. This year’s event showcased a myriad of innovations, including state-of-the-art televisions, smart devices, computers, cars, spatial computing, and more.

TVs: The Era of Transparency

South Korean electronics giant LG unveiled the LG Signature OLED T, a 77” transparent 4K OLED TV that is see-through when turned off. Samsung, too, showcased transparent OLED and MicroLED TVs. Samsung’s MicroLED TV outshone all with its borderless design and brightness, offering a compelling alternative to LG’s product, set to be more affordable when it hits the market in 2024.

NVIDIA: Pioneering AI and graphics

During its pre-CES special address, NVIDIA introduced three new graphics cards, doubling as gaming and local AI development chips. The company especially spotlighted its AI software offerings, showcasing partnerships across various sectors.

Semiconductors by AMD, Intel: The battle continues

AMD launched the Ryzen 8040 series mobile processors, equipped with RDNA 3 integrated graphics and XDNA AI neural processor units. On the other hand, Intel countered with five new 14th Gen Core HX platforms, anticipating a semiconductor battle focused on mobile computing chips.

AI: Innovations beyond generative AI

This year’s CES highlighted the significance of AI and generative AI. The rabbit r1, priced at $200, revolutionizes human interaction with smartphones by leveraging an innovative technique based on a custom-made large action model (LAM).

Volkswagen announced preinstalling OpenAI’s ChatGPT in its vehicles, while Amazon showcased a new generative AI-driven Alexa.

Robotics: Smart home assistants and beyond

Visitors glimpsed Samsung’s updated Ballie, a personal home assistant with enhanced capabilities. LG introduced an AI agent for a “Zero Labor Home” experience, capable of performing housekeeping tasks.

Smartphones, peripherals, and accessories: Innovative design

Standout products included Samsung’s concept flip phone that can bend both ways, ASUS ROG Phone 8, Sony’s mixed reality headset for spatial computing, ASUS foldable portable monitor, and the Clicks keyboard for iPhones, reminiscent of the once popular BlackBerry phones.

CES 2024 showcased a dynamic landscape of technological advancements, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting year in the filed of consumer tech.


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