Camera that recolors photos now available for iOS and Android

Author: Editorial
event 05.04.2024.
Foto: Shutterstock

The minimalistic Color Changing Camera provides a simple solution for quickly changing the color of desired objects when taking photos.

Although it doesn’t completely replace the smartphone camera app, this Color Changing/Changer Camera offers users the ability to change the color of the objects they are photographing in real time.

The app itself (Android and iOS) allows users to simply select a color on the bottom right of the screen, after which they tap the object they want to photograph. The color changes automatically according to the user’s selection. It is important to note that the color effect will depend on the lighting and color intensity of the object itself, but in most cases the result is very impressive, especially with objects such as buildings, cars, clothes, flowers, etc.

The mobile app offers the ability to control the built-in flash, but other than that, there are no additional options or configurations. Although specialized, Color Changing Camera is available for free, with unlimited use, making it an attractive option for users who want to easily and quickly change the color of objects when taking photos.


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