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Author: Marina Šunjerga
event 28.03.2022.
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In 2021, the Samsung Galaxy A12 rose to the top of the best-selling phone list. Omdia reports that Samsung shipped as many as 51.8 million Galaxy A12 phones last year, surpassing Apple’s mobile phone shipments, which had almost always come first.

The Galaxy A12 is the first Samsung model to exceed 50 million shipments in one year, ranking first in shipments among more than 1,000 smartphone models shipped worldwide.

This is the result of Samsung’s adaptation to the competition from China, which offers cheaper smartphone models. Samsung has thus been growing its budget line for the last two years, and since 2019 the J-series merged with the A series. At the same time, Samsung is constantly improving its smartphones, especially the quality of their cameras, which the consumers rewarded.

“Although the average selling price of Apple’s iPhones, which are included in the top 10, is five times higher than the Galaxy A12, it is the most efficient model from Samsung, shipping more than 50 million units per year as a single model,” said Jusy Hong, senior research manager at Omdia.

Among the top ten best-sellers, seven are Apple’s smartphones. In second place is the iPhone 12, with 41.7 million units shipped, the iPhone 13 in third with 34.9 million units shipped, and the iPhone 11 comes at number four, having sold 33.6 million units.

Xiaomi’s Redmi 9A took fifth place in the rankings, selling a total of 26.8 million units for an average retail price of $78.

Apple’s iPhones were back in sixth to ninth place, namely the Pro models, which are also the most expensive. Although the average selling price of the Pro models tends to exceed $1,000, their shipments still surpassed 20 million units. Apple’s total annual shipments last year recorded 234.5 million units, of which 39 per cent were models with an average selling price of more than $1,000. This is the highest such percentage in Apple’s history.

“Apple’s dominance in the premium market is getting stronger as consumer demand for premium smartphones has increased,” Hong said.

The final model in the top 10 is the Samsung Galaxy A02. A total of 18.3 million units were shipped last year. It is the second cheapest model after the Xiaomi Redmi 9A in the top 10.

In conclusion, in the top ten best-selling smartphones, Apple included a total of seven models, Samsung two and Xiaomi only one. Compared to last year, Apple added two more models, while Samsung had two fewer models. Like the year before, Xiaomi has one model in the top 10, but has jumped from ninth to fifth place among the most popular mobile phones.


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