Amazon plans to use radars in bedrooms across the U.S.

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event 16.07.2021.
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Amazon was granted approval by the U.S. regulatory agency to install a radar sensor in the bedroom. Its device will monitor the movements of sleepers while the technology analyzes all movements and based on this data, consumers can monitor their sleep habits and quality.

Amazon assures customers that the use of Radar Sensors will improve awareness and management of sleep hygiene, which could produce significant health benefits for many Americans. In addition to sleep tracking, the radar could enable a user to control its features and activate certain options on the smart screen through simple gestures and movements.

Let’s recall that Amazon recently introduced the Always Home Cam drone. The drone is controlled remotely via an app, so apartment owners can easily make sure that they have turned off the lights, or the oven, or the iron. It has a camera attached to it, so apartment owners can monitor what is happening on their property, and it will react immediately if a burglar alarm goes off in the apartment – at which point they will fly into the room and alert the owner. When on its charging station, the drone will not be able to film the room in which it is located, and the fact that it buzzes during the flight will prevent, Amazon claims, secret recording around the house. The device is not expected before 2022 and should cost around $250.


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