5G network is the electricity of the 21st century

Author: Marina Šunjerga
event 05.05.2021.
Foto: Shutterstock

Change will never be as slow as they are today – that is the conclusion of the leading economic and engineering minds of our time, and this seemingly simple thought indicates the major changes that lie ahead.

Although we consider millennials computer-literate and adaptable to new trends, Generation Z, to which our children belong, has shown us from birth that we should be learning from them about the world that awaits us and that we should boldly accept all the opportunities that new technology will offer.

For those of us who used the landline in childhood because the cell phone did not exist, holographic calls were something out of SF movies, and today they are the near future which we are looking forward to. Our parents could not imagine an autonomous vehicle, but it is completely likely that they will experience the magic of a driverless vehicle in their lifetime. Remote medicine, i.e. a surgeon in another part of the world doing surgery on a patient in Croatia, instant data processing, artificial intelligence in all areas, smart homes and apartments – all of this is at our doorstep.

The prerequisite for the technology we are eagerly awaiting is the 5G network. It is the infrastructure that, in the context of the development and the yet unimaginable new services it will provide, we can confidently call the electricity of the 21st century.

When Nikola Tesla gave electricity to the world, many people feared the novelty and thought that it might be better to keep kerosene lamps, as they could not imagine that the production and transmission of electricity would, in such a short time, create an easier and more comfortable living environment. Electricity was then perceived as a new technology for light production; in the late 19th century, few could have envisaged something like an LCD TV, that would not exist without electricity. In this context, we should turn to the new 5G technology – the infrastructure that will lead us into the real 21st century.

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