5G network coverage helps company expansion in Qatar

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event 09.11.2022.
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Technology is advancing rapidly and becoming essential for connectivity in a post-pandemic world. 5G brings additional improvements to users, and its coverage in Qatar is increasing significantly.

While giving a speech to The Peninsula on the offshoots of the release of the Galaxy pop-up store at Place Vendôme Mall, Omar Saheb, Chief of Marketing at Samsung MENA (Middle East and North Africa), stated that the store was being opened in preparation for the big event of the FIFA World Cup 2022, hosted by Qatar, and to present several key new launches on that occasion. This includes the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 phones as well other products from the same ecosystem, such as the Watch5 and the Tablet S8.

Referring to the 5G coverage in Qatar and the surrounding area, he noted that all Samsung devices released in the last four years (and more) are 5G-compatible.

Saheb continued: “We are very excited with what 5G brings in terms of new innovation to the consumers and we are trying to provide this kind of innovation with all our devices in terms of how they integrate with all the different applications.”

He added that the company’s new devices also offer many innovative features related to augmented reality (AR). “It is good for us to see coverage growing strongly, especially in Qatar, as well as in other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and we hope that the rest of MENA will also follow very soon.”

In conclusion, Saheb said: “We are also celebrating the football festival and that is why we are bringing new accessories as gifts which are looking into all the countries and flags that are participating in the World Cup and are available on the watch faces as well.”


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