You can now control your apps without touch screen

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event 26.04.2024.
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An interesting new app allows you to manage popular multimedia applications on smartphones and tablets through defined hand gestures, without the need to touch the device.

Spatial Touch offers a useful solution for anyone who wants to control apps like YouTube, Instagram and Netflix remotely, without ever touching the screen.

The app relies on artificial intelligence to recognize gestures, allowing easy control of functions such as pause, navigation, and volume adjustment.

This type of remote control works at a distance of up to two meters, with relatively good performance. It takes some time for the user to get used to the gestures, and the quality of recognition may depend on the device’s camera. There is also the possibility of filtering gestures and practicing for better results.

The basic edition of Spatial Touch is available for free, but to get full features you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro edition for a fee of:

  • €2.29 monthly
  • €22.99 yearly or
  • €27.99 one-time payment.

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