YouTube introduces new requirements to disclose content created by artificial intelligence

Author: Editorial
event 19.03.2024.
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The leading video-sharing platform has issued new guidelines, which will oblige creators to disclose when their content has been generated or altered by AI. The initiative aims to increase transparency and trust between creators and audiences.

The new tool, recently unveiled in Creator Studio, will require creators to label content made using altered or synthetic media, including generative AI. YouTube has announced that these disclosures will be visible in the video’s extended description or on the front of the video player.

Creators will have to label content that could be mistaken for real people, locations or events, but not the content that is obviously animated or uses special effects. These labels should provide viewers with greater transparency about how certain content was created.

The new rules will be applicable to all YouTube formats, starting with the mobile app, and will later be extended to desktop computers and smart TVs.

YouTube plans to take action against creators who do not follow these guidelines, including adding labels to their content if there is a risk that it could confuse or mislead viewers. With this step, YouTube seeks to preserve the integrity of the platform and ensure transparent communication between creators and audiences.


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