Samsung partners with Princeton to pioneer 6G development

Author: Editorial
event 16.02.2024.
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Samsung Research America has forged a partnership with the Ivy League school to spearhead the development of 6G wireless and networking systems, under the NextG initiative.

Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science launched the NextG initiative last year, aiming to expedite the adoption of emerging technologies and foster innovation across various domains, including cloud and edge networks, intelligent sensing, and network resilience.

The NextG initiative has recently introduced a corporate affiliates program, encouraging collaboration among academia, industry leaders, and policymakers. Among the prominent corporations engaged in this initiative are Ericsson, Intel, MediaTek, Nokia Bell Labs, Qualcomm, and Vodafone.

Expressing his views on the collaboration, Charlie Zhang, Senior Vice President of Samsung Research America, stated:

The wireless industry has significantly benefited from fundamental research in recent decades. We urge Princeton’s researchers to continue their innovative endeavors and cultivate disruptive technologies that could lead to significant breakthroughs in 6G.

While some regard 5G as a disappointment, and discussions on the potential of 5G Advanced continue, there is skepticism regarding the allocation of substantial resources to 6G development. In spite of this, considerable efforts are already underway in the pursuit of 6G advancements.


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