OIV launches trial private 5G network for Klimaoprema

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event 22.05.2023.
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Croatian state-owned telecom services provider OIV – Digital Signals and Networks launched earlier this May in trial operation its first private 5G network at the factory of the manufacturer of cleanroom systems, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment Klimaoprema in Nova Gradiška.

The project aims to avoid using resources of the public mobile communications network, OIV said in a press release.

Unlike public 5G networks, the new independent network called PrivateNET is not an upgrade of an existing 4G network. It will enable Klimaoprema to connect a significant number of sensors, devices and equipment, creating a smart factory. The private 5G network also allows the management of autonomous vehicles within the plant.

It is extremely important to stay on trend with all new upcoming technologies and to see how best to fit them into the company’s current (and future) operations. Using the capabilities of the 5G network, we are able to transform our production facility into an innovative and smart factory that sets new standards in efficiency, reliability and productivity. With low data transfer latency and advanced analytics, we are opening the door to new opportunities that will shape the future of our industry. 5G leads us towards innovation, optimization of processes, and creation of a better tomorrow.

Martin Curman, pilot project manager at Klimaoprema

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