Nokia unveils new 5G mmWave receiver to bolster FWA networks

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event 29.02.2024.
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The new 5G outdoor fixed wireless access receiver is intended to enhance broadband coverage across urban, suburban, and rural regions, offering operators the capability to utilize cost-effective mmWave spectrum and ensuring consistent, reliable, and ultra-fast wireless services.

Designed for installation on balconies, walls, or poles, the outdoor receiver leverages unique 360-degree field-of-view technology and advanced algorithms from Nokia Bell Labs to optimize performance. By generating a digital signature of available radio signals, the receiver can swiftly adapt to signal fluctuations, facilitating seamless connectivity between the base station and the receiver. Coupled with high-gain antennas offering up to 27 dBi, this solution represents the industry’s pioneering mmWave FWA technology that operates effectively in non-line-of-sight scenarios, simplifies customer installation, and enables operators to avoid expensive infrastructure deployments.

Dirk Verhaegen, Vice President of Broadband Devices at Nokia, expressed enthusiasm for the launch of the FastMile 5G mmWave Receiver, characterizing it as a game-changer for FWA services. Verhaegen highlighted the capacity benefits that mmWave technology brings, enabling operators to expand capacity seamlessly. He emphasized that Nokia’s mmWave technology eliminates line-of-sight obstacles traditionally associated with mmWave deployments, thereby facilitating rapid deployment and capacity expansion within FWA networks.

Jeff Heynen, Vice President of Broadband Access and Home Networking at Dell’Oro Group, commended Nokia’s innovative approach, noting that the new FWA 5G mmWave outdoor device addresses several technical challenges that previously hindered mmWave adoption. Heynen anticipates that this device will broaden the addressable market for premium fixed wireless access services, extending its reach to more homes and businesses.

The Nokia FastMile 5G mmWave Receiver is set to be available by early 2024, further enriching Nokia’s diverse portfolio of customer premise equipment, which includes a range of 4G and 5G gateways and receivers for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Key Specifications of the Nokia FWA 5G mmWave Receiver:

  • High-Gain Antenna with up to 27dBi
  • Bandwidth Aggregation of up to 800MHz in FR2
  • Support for LTE and 5G FR1
  • Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) mode
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port.

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