NATO soldiers test new 5G technology

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event 06.11.2023.
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A NATO agency tested 5G connections for use in healthcare and other fields. This demonstrates the military’s continued interest in the technology.

Military leaders worldwide continue to express their interest in the potential applications of 5G technology within the realm of military operations.

The latest development involves NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, which has collaborated with the Latvian Ministry of Defence to conduct tests encompassing various communication services, such as telehealth, virtual reality, quantum encryption, and more.

The agency stated in its press release: “As 5G technologies are generally designed for civilian environments, specific adaptation and approaches also had to be considered for military applications.” NATO’s Allied Command Transformation is focused, among other things, on applying 5G technologies to fulfill NATO’s missions related to deterrence and defense.

It’s worth noting that NATO has been exploring the applications of 5G for some time, and according to an earlier report, the agency utilized 5G mesh networks to connect unmanned underwater vehicles.

The urgency and relevance of this exploration have likely increased following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has rekindled Western interest in NATO and its role in defense alliances.

NATO’s exploration of 5G aligns with the efforts of the US Department of Defense (DoD), which is working on establishing a unified, secure, and globally connected communication system across all branches of the US military, with 5G technology playing a significant role in this initiative.

Ericsson, a major player in the 5G industry, has also expressed interest in providing products and solutions to the DoD, highlighting the growing convergence of military and telecommunications technologies.

Security is a paramount concern for military officials, and NATO’s recent tests have included evaluating quantum-resistant encryption methods for secure communications. While quantum computing is still in its early stages, the military aims to proactively address potential security threats posed by this technology.


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