Mate Rimac is bringing world’s most expensive cars to Zagreb

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event 03.09.2021.
Foto: Shutterstock / Lamborghini Aventador

Croatia’s most famous innovator and, as of recent, head of the joint company Bugatti Rimac, has announced on his Facebook profile a gala car event taking place this week.

Members of the Supercar Owner’s Circle (SOC), the world’s most exclusive car collectors’ club, who of course own the most exquisite auto vehicles in the world, will gather in Zagreb on Friday. The three-day event starts at 3 pm at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, then the extravagant parade will head to Velika Gorica, where they will compete in acceleration. After testing their power, the procession will head towards Opatija.

Admission is free for all, Mate Rimac joked, pointing out that he was reporting from Sveta Nedelja, the headquarters of Bugatti Rimac: “Here we develop and produce some of the fastest cars of today, with Croatia becoming one of the focal points of the hypercar industry. We are proud not only of what we do here, but we also want buyers of such cars to come to our country and combine their beauty with our products. We’re proud to partner up with the Supercar Owner’s Circle this year, where dozens of the most exclusive cars in the world will come to Croatia,” Rimac said in a video, inviting all citizens to come and see these supercars.

Some of the cars arriving at Croatia include: Koenigsegg Regera (1 of 80), Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster (1 of 800), Ferrari F40 (1 of 1311), ISO Rivolta (1 of 19), Bugatti Veyron (1 of 252), Pagani Huayra BC (1 of 20), Pagani Huayra Roadster (1 of 100), Pagani Huayra Roadster BC (1 of 40), Pagani Imola (1 of 5), Rimac Nevera (1 of 150), Bugatti Chiron PUR Sport (1 of 60), Bugatti Chiron Sport (1 of 60), Koenigsegg CCR (1 of 14), Bugatti Divo (1 of 40), McLaren P1 (1 of 375), Lexus LFA (1 of 500), McLaren Senna (1 of 500), Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta (1 of 499), Pagani Huayra R (1 of 30), and Koenigsegg Agera X (1 of 7).


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