Major change in Infinum leadership

Author: Editorial
event 28.03.2022.
Foto: Infinum / Na fotografiji: Matej Špoler, Tomislav Car, Nikola Kapraljević i Josip Bišćan

Tomislav Car, former CEO of Infinum: “I founded Infinum with Matej and ran it as CEO for the last 16 years. The job of a CEO is a lot of things, but the bottom line is pretty simple – to lead the company to victory. Victory can mean whatever you want it to mean. Getting the desired client, growing to a certain level, selling to a larger corporation and the like.”

The Zagreb tech company has been operating very successfully for years. Infinum is a strong and highly profitable company that has grown from two to as many as 330 employees in the last 16 years. They also founded sister companies, took over smaller companies, such as Productive, Flavorific, P3 Mobility, Rentilio, Nowports, CircuitMess, and established a joint venture with Porsche Digital Croatia.

This new phase of their business is marked by reorganization, a new visual identity, and development plans.
“In the last few years, Infinum has been developing steadily and we could say that it has ‘grown up’. We wanted the brand to reflect that development and focus on the global market. New channels and ways of communication represent Infinum’s bolder character and have prepared us for new challenges. The quality of service is our number one priority and, as before, we continue to set high standards in the industry,” said Nikola Kapraljević, who is stepping in as the CEO in the new organization.

The new management brings several changes to key positions at Infinum.
Nikola Kapraljević came to Infinum as its fourth employee, over the years he became one of the co-owners and COO, and in the position of CEO he will replace Tomislav Car, co-founder of Infinum, who now becomes Chairman.
Matej Špoler, who co-founded Infinum with Tomislav Car, will become Chief Talent Officer, while Josip Bišćan will replace Kapraljević in a part of his previous responsibilities as Chief Client Officer. The second part will be taken over by Filip Vugec, who will act as Chief Delivery Officer.

“The company’s new management, along with a new identity and website, marks a new era, and is aligned with the idea of ​​Infinum becoming one of the best agencies in the world. The trend is to sell agencies to bigger ones, but that was not the plan for us. We want to make Infinum a unique global company that will be unrivaled in this area,” Car said.

While this sounds like a huge change to Infinum’s team, Car said it was “actually a small change, which has been planned for some time, and the biggest change will be changing the titles on LinkedIn.”

Infinum ended last year with HRK 150 million in revenue and a growth of 30 percent compared to 2020, which is more than expected. Likewise, 2021 was a year of expansion for Infinum; they opened offices in Great Britain, Montenegro and Macedonia. This year, they plan to achieve another 25 percent growth.


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