LiveWire teases new electric motorcycle

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event 03.05.2022.
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The latest Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle model will debut on the market on May 10th. Presenting – Del Mar.

LiveWire, the all-electric motorbike brand that began as a branch of Harley-Davidson, is teasing the release its brand-new motorbike called Del Mar in the week to come.

It will be a middleweight motorcycle, making it a more affordable alternative to last year’s LiveWire One. LiveWire has also produced a short teaser trailer, which seems to reveal the back of the upcoming bike.

The Del Mar is projected to be lower priced than the $21,999 LiveWire One in the company’s lineup. According to Motorcycle.com, the Del Mar will be built around LiveWire’s Arrow platform, which combines a battery pack, electronics, and motor into a single unit that the company can then use to build various bikes. The Del Mar is expected to use the S2 version of the platform, designed for middleweight motorcycles. However, Arrow is designed to be scalable, and future versions are expected to include a lightweight S3 and heavyweight S4 design.

Meanwhile, LiveWire is in the process of going public in a SPAC (special acquisition company) deal. Last December, Harley-Davidson announced that LiveWire would be merging with AEA-Bridges Impact Corporation, as well as a Taiwan-based scooter manufacturer Kymco. The merger is expected to close by mid-2022.


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