Infobip partners with Nokia to boost telecom applications development

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event 06.05.2024.
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Through this collaboration, developers will be able to tap into both companies’ Application Programmable Interface (API) platforms to create a diverse array of telecom network powered applications.

Infobip’s CPaaS cloud service enables developers to seamlessly integrate real-time omnichannel communication functionalities, like SMS, voice, video calls, chat apps, and network APIs, into their own applications. On the other hand, Nokia’s Network as Code platform, through its developer portal, provides APIs for leveraging 5G network capabilities (including on-demand quality of service, precise device location, and network slicing) and 4G capabilites.

By combining their respective strengths, developers will have easier access to Network and CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) APIs, enabling them to create new use cases and enhance application performance more efficiently. The collaboration aims to improve the developer experience by eliminating the complexities of navigating underlying network technologies, ultimately speeding up the integration process.

Since its launch in September 2023, Nokia has established collaboration agreements with 11 network operators and ecosystem partners to utilize the Network as Code platform with the developer portal. In his statement to, Matija Ražem, VP of business development at Infobip, said:

The agreement with Nokia further demonstrates how Infobip is helping telcos deliver new services and gain new revenue. We will continue to build and offer additional CAMARA-compliant APIs worldwide, working closely with our telco partners to expose customer experience-friendly APIs to developers. It is a testament to our global market-leading CPaaS position, strong developer relations, and history of strategic collaborations with telecommunications companies.


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