HT and Nokia test 25G PON fiber broadband network, achieving speed of 20Gbps

Author: Editorial
event 15.03.2022.
Foto: Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom (HT) and Nokia were among the first in the world to test advanced 25G PON optical technology at HT’s Rijeka lab. This is the latest generation of optical networks that significantly enhances the speed of data transfer, and the speed achieved in Rijeka was 20 gigabits per second.

25G PON technology is ten times faster than GPON technology, which was enabled by HT for the first time with gigabit broadband access back in 2007, then again but two and a half times faster than XGS-PON technology which was applicable within the HT network from 2021. The biggest advantages of 25G PON optics are large capacities, cost optimization, wider application and simple introduction into the existing HT optical network, and its application will accelerate the introduction and development of advanced high-performance solutions such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, 5G transport via PON, and ultra-high-capacity wholesale services.

“Ten years ago, a piece of technology was launched that enabled the transition to HDTV without which many of us wouldn’t be able to imagine everyday life now, and today the 25G PON optical network is making history at speeds 200 times faster than that,” said Ivan Uremović, Access Networks Strategy and Planning Director at HT.

Back in 2021, Hrvatski Telekom increased its fixed network with a record introduction of optics for new 100,000 households and companies, and the total FTTH coverage increased by 30 percent compared to last year, the operator points out, adding that in that same year, it was also awarded Umlaut’s “Best in Test” award for the best fixed network. The expansion of the fixed network and investment in gigabit networks will continue in 2022 with a strong focus on building optical infrastructure, HT concludes.

Incidentally, the largest Croatian telecom announced last week that it would pay the largest part of last year’s net profit (HRK 637.77 million) in dividends to shareholders, which would amount to 8 kuna per share. This dividend will be paid out on May 16 to all shareholders registered in the Central Depositary Agency (CDA) by May 5, 2022.


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