Google announces Fi 5G coverage expansion and better iPhone support

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event 09.09.2022.
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Google Fi is expanding 5G coverage to 26 more countries, and international hotspot tethering will now be available on iPhones.

Google has announced several improvements to its Fi mobile plans to help users stay connected while travelling internationally. Google Fi is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) telecommunications service that provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using Wi-Fi and mobile networks operated by T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. 

The company is now expanding its international 5G coverage by adding 26 more countries and adding support for compatible Samsung phones. Additionally, iPhone users will also be able to hotspot abroad and make Wi-Fi calls. The 5G support will require people to be signed up to the Flexible or Unlimited Plus plans.

Also, customers must have a compatible Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone. As long as you meet those requirements, you can use 5G in a total of 39 countries. However, even without these devices, Google Fi offers full-speed 4G connectivity in more than 200 countries, and with the Unlimited Plus plan, there are no separate data limitations on international coverage.

Android users have already been able to use hotspot abroad for some time, and the company has introduced international hotspot tethering for iPhone devices as well. This implies that even in a foreign country – where you might not have access to Wi-Fi or where the cell network is weak – you can easily connect your tablet, laptop, and other gadgets to the web.

Finally, Google is enabling Wi-Fi calls for iPhone owners while traveling abroad. Depending on where you go, the cost of international calls back home can be sky-high, but Wi-Fi calling allows you to call for free and likely enjoy calls of higher quality, depending on the Wi-Fi connection’s strength.

You can read more about Google Fi plans here.


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