Gideon Brothers robots on the 5G network

Author: Editorial
event 12.07.2021.
Foto: YouTube, A1 Hrvatska

One of the most successful manufacturers of autonomous robots in the world, the Osijek-Zagreb startup Gideon Brothers has, in cooperation with A1 Croatia, successfully developed and tested a logistics robot on the 5G network.

Just before the public auction for the frequency spectrum intended for the provision of services on the 5G network, its application for the purpose of automation and robotics in the industry has been demonstrated, ICT Business reports.

The Gideon Brothers robot for transporting cargo up to one ton connected to the 5G network performed the tasks of transporting cargo, avoiding obstacles and people. By applying the 5G network, which has a high capacity, reliability, and extremely low latency of only a few milliseconds, hundreds and thousands of such robots will coordinate and autonomously manage modern warehouses and industrial plants, which is the essence of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our autonomous mobile robots are based on the use of artificial intelligence technology and 3D visual perception that together allow robots to be aware of their environment, people, obstacles, and other machines. We believe that 5G technology will be an important factor in realizing our vision to, along with our customers, create smart logistics centers that will be able to exchange information in real time and thus constantly optimize their business, enabling cooperation between humans and robots, as well as robots and other smart devices. —said Josip Ćesić, Gideon Brothers CTO and co-founder.

In addition to the fiber-optic network, 5G is considered one of the core infrastructures for digitalization and Industry 4.0. 5G technology will open up endless possibilities for robot applications in hybrid systems, where humans and robots work together and complement each other. It will be a real turning point for the robotic industry and the quality coexistence of people and machines. According to the world’s leading logistics company DHL, the application of IoT technologies will open up a €1.65 trillion opportunity in this industry globally. The 5G network is emphasized as key to the processing of large amounts of data and its timely analysis by using AI. With the use of autonomous vehicles, for end-users what this will mean is real-time shipment tracking and fast and reliable delivery.


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