Feelsgood invests over HRK 2.25 million in local startup BiteMe Nutrition

Author: Editorial
event 28.03.2022.
Foto: BiteMe Nutrition / Na fotografiji: tim

Croatia’s first venture capital for impact investing, Feelsgood, has invested more than 2.25 million kuna or 300,000 euros in the Zagreb startup BiteMe Nutrition.

This makes Feelsgood the largest single investor in the investment round worth a total of €330,000. Smaller investors also participated, including Igor Drašković, an active investor in vegan brands and co-owner and CEO of Draco, and Maja Švener, a successful entrepreneur and founder of the Lič portal.

BiteMe Nutrition produces all-natural snacks for athletes, recreationists and people who nurture a healthy lifestyle, and the new capital should be used to expand sales channels and conquer new markets. The VC stated that the key to the decision was that BiteMe Nutrition encourages healthier nutrition of consumers, the work of certified producers of organic products, and focus on sustainable production with minimal impact on the environment. The Slovenian family-owned company Medex was the first investor in BiteMe Nutrition, which contributed to the strong presence of its products under the BITE ME brand (Raw Bar and Lava Cookies) in that neighboring market. In addition to Croatia and Slovenia, their products can also be found on the shelves in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Greece, and Estonia.

“We understood this significant investment as a boost to continue building a story to encourage change in the eating habits of active people – and globally. However, raising awareness of the importance of high-quality standards in the human diet and natural gluten-free foods is only part of our purpose, a broader understanding of the connection with the environment also plays an important role,” said Edo Mujkić, co-founder and CEO of BiteMe Nutrition.

The main mission of Feelsgood Capital is to invest in young and promising companies in Croatia and Slovenia whose business brings positive change in society by meeting at least one of UN’s global goals for sustainable development. The fund has been fully developed in Croatia, and all its investment capital of approximately €30 million is located domestically.

“We liked their courage and passion, as well as their determination to prove that our well-being and health are closely linked to the preservation of nature and the environment. There is also the Feelsgood fund’s commitment to investing in companies that promote gender equality, given that Petra Mihalić is a co-founder of BiteMe Nutrition,” said Tilen Šarlah, Investment Professional at Feelsgood Capital.


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