EU opens call for 240 million euros in funding for 5G coverage

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event 20.10.2023.
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The European Commission has initiated a third round of calls for proposals, amounting to over €240M, under the CEF Digital programme, which aims to fortify the establishment of ultra-fast, secure, and sustainable digital infrastructures.

Under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Digital funding programme, efforts are directed towards advancing Gigabit and 5G networks, enhancing the capacity and resilience of digital core infrastructures, and promoting the digitalization of transportation and energy networks.

This latest series of calls encompasses three distinct areas:

  • 5G coverage along transport Corridors – €100 million
  • 5G and Edge Cloud for Smart Communities – €51 million
  • backbone connectivity for Digital Global Gateways – €90 million.

The first two calls are centered on enhancing 5G accessibility across both rural and urban areas, with the objective of ensuring universal digital technology access for all EU citizens. Furthermore, they aim to support the extension of 5G infrastructure along European transport corridors, facilitating services like road-safety and delivering gigabit connectivity to vehicle users and passengers, all while ensuring integration with 5G/cloud edge technologies.

Through the Digital Global Gateways call, CEF Digital endeavors to strengthen backbone connections, predominantly through submarine cables. This will enhance the performance and reliability of connectivity networks in islands, coastal regions, remote areas, and sparsely populated regions, in addition to enhancing connections between the EU and third countries. This is pivotal for augmenting the capacity and resilience of the EU’s digital networks, in accordance with the EU’s Global Gateway strategy.

The establishment of comprehensive, high-quality connectivity aligns with the objectives of the Digital Decade and is instrumental in achieving important digital milestones. These include accelerating the deployment and adoption of edge cloud nodes, among other goals.

Interested parties have until January 17, 2024, to submit their proposals. Additional information regarding the application, evaluation, and award process for this set of calls will be provided at the online info day scheduled for October 26.


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