Ericsson intensifies RAN efforts amid 5G market downturn

Author: Editorial
event 15.11.2023.
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The enhanced Radio Access Network portfolio includes four new RAN units, two carrier aggregation software options, two AI-powered routers, and a new transport controller.

The new RAN units include a high-capacity processor unit and radio processor unit, providing four times the capacity of its predecessors. These units, leveraging Ericsson’s latest system-on-a-chip silicon platform, support multiple 4G and 5G modes, allowing simultaneous operation of various technologies on a single RAN compute board, including compatibility with open RAN deployments.

The new software features automate carrier aggregation and data steering, streamlining spectrum resource management. Additionally, Ericsson introduced routers optimized for the enhanced RAN compute products, featuring improved energy efficiency as well as AI analytics and automation support aligned with 5G-Advanced standards.

The company’s latest Transport Automation Controller facilitates AI analytics and automation in microwave, IP routers, and optical networks, aligning with evolving RAN architectures.

These updates position Ericsson strategically amidst a critical phase in the telecom industry, addressing the investment lull faced by operators and enticing incremental updates in the 5G landscape.


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