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event 07.09.2021.
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The Croatian 2021 Census will start in mid-September, and the big news is that the Central Bureau of Statistics has enabled citizens to enter all the data required by this great initiative.

From September 13 to September 26, everyone will be able to enter data for themselves and all their household members via the e-Citizen system. This is a big step towards the digitalization of society, given that all previous censuses were conducted exclusively by enumerators based on personal interviews with respondents. In this digital census, enumerators will visit only those citizens who do not complete self-enumeration.

How does self-enumeration work?

In the process of self-enumeration, citizens have the opportunity to fill out a digital questionnaire about their dwelling and household as well as about all members of the household.

For each household, one person provides all the data, including data on household and dwelling, data on persons living in your household, and, of course, your identification data. The e-respondent can change the content in the questionnaire until it is locked and submitted.

How can I access the self-enumeration portal?

On the official website of the 2021 Census, click on the self-enumeration link, which will redirect you to the e-Citizens digital portal.

The NIAS (National Identification and Authentication System) electronic service will request your authentication and access to your personal data.

When you click on the “I agree” button, select your credentials, log in, read the terms of use, confirm that you are an adult, and start the self-enumeration process.

What happens after self-enumeration?

After successfully locking and submitting the questionnaire, the e-respondent will only be able to see a unique code that serves as proof of successful submission of the Census questionnaire that the e-respondent will hand over to the enumerator during the field enumeration.

Data confidentiality

According to the Act on the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of Croatia in 2021 (OG, No. 25/20, 34/21), the data collected by the Census could directly or indirectly be linked to the natural person to whom they pertain are deemed confidential statistical data and an official secret.

Collaborating on this pilot survey will help the Central Bureau of Statistics obtain quality information to improve data quality and explore new opportunities for more efficient 2021 Census data collection.


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