Croatian Jenz expands to the Australian market

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event 22.02.2022.
Foto: Jenz

The application Jenz officially announced its expansion to the Australian market, having partnered with two companies – KB Food Company and Glenvill Group.

It is an app that works as a sort of “Instagram for employees” and thus helps to improve internal communication within companies. It will now be used daily by KB Food Company, Australia’s largest seafood company, and the Glenville Group, a construction and design company responsible for tens of thousands of homes, luxury skyscrapers and offices in both Australia and the United States. Jenz also plans to expand to Western Europe and Scandinavia this year. During the lockdown that caused the dislocation of employees in Australia, the Croatian app proved to be a great tool for connecting them.

Marko Kučić, CEO of Jenz, stated: “Jenz has a vision to be the leading global application for internal communications, and we help companies increase employee engagement and improve organizational culture. We believe that we have great potential in the Australian market because Jenz is intended for all business models: remote, in-office or hybrid work.”

Photo: Jenz – Marko Kučić, CEO

In addition to the global market, Jenz is also building its popularity in Croatia. Since last year, they also have Orbico Croatia in their portfolio, with as many as 500 employees using the app. At Orbico, they point out that it was Jenz who helped them solve internal challenges, and as many as 95 percent of them said in an internal survey that Jenz helped them get to know their colleagues better.

It is also used by companies such as Zubak Group, Raiffeisen Bank and King ICT. “Jenz has provided our employees with fast, modern and simple two-way communication. This app connects us even when we are physically distant. We get to know each other better, and the flow of information is faster and easier than ever before. Our employees are now at the source of information and connected with colleagues,” King ICT commented.

Photo: Jenz

Jenz was created as startup within the IT company Q, and it has developed into a separate company thanks to excellent results and acceptance. Jenz records exponential user growth; last year, they started with 1,000 of them, and by the end of 2021, they had more than 10,000 users. Their goal is to continue strong growth while maintaining high quality of service.


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